Venuto Boys – Austin Family Photographer

I have to admit, when a friend asks to have me capture their family I get way more nervous than I do when photographing families I haven’t met yet.  That may sounds a little silly.  But family photography is way more than just capturing some cute photos.  I want to show who the family really is…and all their sweet, fun, silly personalities.  When I know the family I put that much more pressure on myself to capture just how awesome they really are.

And these boys are super awesome!   The youngest one is my son’s preschool bestie and they’ve had such fun times over the last couple of years.

We met on a hot summer day at the Long Center downtown.  The day was pretty cloudy which gave us a little reprieve from the hot sun.  Even in all the heat these boys managed to run around, giggle having fun.  I hope you enjoy these photos of some very sweet boys.

Two brother sitting at stairs with interesting architecture Two brothers hugging at the Long Center Bothers at the Long Center with views of downtown Austin Close up photos of two boys smiling with beautiful eyesBother holding hands and hugging in outdoor location


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