Tips on Using Photographs to Decorate Your Child’s Room

When you become a parent, you want to capture every moment of your child’s life…their first steps, your first vaction as a new family, their first day of school . Any and everything you can photograph, you do. So, what do you do with these cherished photos? You have so many to display, you may run out of room or ideas on how to display them. One area that many parents forget when it comes to adding photographs is the child’s room. Photos can easily be displayed here, reminding the child of fun times with family and friends.

The people at Canvas Press sent me some great ideas of how you can use photographs to decorate your child’s room.

Use Canvas Prints Over A Bed

Canvas prints are a great way to make artwork out of your favorite photographs. Do you have family photos with your new baby that you just adore? Have these photos printed on a canvas and hang them over the crib. This is an easy way to use personal photos as a focal point. Canvas prints come in many different finishes and are super easy to customize. Hang one large canvas print or several over a bed for simple decor that’s sure to make a statement.

Canvas Press Photo

Create A Gallery Wall

A gallery wall allows you to display personal photos as well as other unique objects for added decor. If you have a large wall that seems to be lacking, fill it up with a gallery wall. Use frames of the same color or create a multi-colored display. I also like mixing up different productes togehter, for example I used framed photos mixed with a canvas and a metal print. Easily change out photos as your child grows older by printing photos of the same size as the frames you use for display. Incorporate other decorations in the gallery wall for a personal, yet creative feel. Consider using mirrors or signs with some of your favorite quotes in addition to pictures of your child and/or family.

Photo from Project Nursery

Have Themed Photoshoots to Match the Bedroom Theme

If you are like most parents, you most likely have created a theme in your child’s bedroom. It could be a whimsical theme like fairies or an exciting theme like race cars. A fun touch for decorating your child’s room is to have a photoshoot themed after the room design. If your child’s room is decorated in fairies, have the child dress up with fairy wings for an enchanted photoshoot. You will have precious memories of your child to cherish forever, as well as a perfect decor option for their bedroom!

Themed photoshoots can be done through the years. Use these photos to decorate your child’s room and change out pictures as you make new memories.

String Pictures Using Lights and Clothespins

This is one of the simplest ways to display photos in a kids room. You can use string lights to add some extra decor in a room and use clothespins to hang 4×6 prints on the strand of lights. Or you can simply use twine, colorful string, or ribbon with clothespins to hang pictures. You can easily swap photos out as often as you’d like. As your child grows, use this as a way to incorporate some personal artwork as well. A mixture of pictures and paintings will put a unique and personal touch to your child’s room.

Personal Photos are Best

The best way to decorate any room is with personal photographs. Personal pictures are filled with memories the whole family can enjoy. Put these cherished memories on display instead of keeping them tucked away. This allows you and your child to remember all the good times. With older kids, let them help in the decorating process to make it even more special. By using photographs in your child’s room, you can create a personal, comfortable feel any child is sure to love.

Whether you decorate with photos in your child’s room or other places in your house, children love seeing photos of themselves and their family. Make sure to get your photos off your computer and into some frames.

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