A little about me...

Hello! I am Christina.  I am the crazy person you'll find running, jumping and making all sorts of weird noises behind the lens.   I am also a mom to 2 rambunctions, amazing boys and wife to my super supportive, phenomenal husband.   When I'm not shooting, you might find me running, enjoying a good book, marathoning a Nexflix series, shopping, or just hanging out with my little tribe.  

My passion for photography started with the birth of my first son.  Once I laid eyes on his cute blonde curls and tiny toes, I realized how important it was for me to capture his sweet little looks and silly faces. So I finally mastered the fancy DSLR camera my husband bought while I was pregnant, and I haven’t been able to put it down since.

A little about my style...

Relaxed.  Easy-going.  Lighthearted. My goal is to capture true emotions and to document the innocence, personality and natural beauty of your family.  I do not strive for perfectly posed pictures. Instead I try to draw out personalities of each family member to show off what makes your family so unique and special.  Though prepping for a session can feel stressful for mom, my sessions are laid back and fun and I hope the kids leave asking when they get to do it again.